Annual Consumer Electronics Recycling Event

Community education, community service, charitable donations and MacSpeicalist brand awareness

Reboot: Annual Consumer Electronics Recycling Event at MacSpecialist

I came up with the idea for Reboot all the way back in 2007. Customers were constantly asking us what they should do with their old computers and we really didn’t have a good answer.

So, we reached out to some local recycling groups to see if they’d be interested in partnering on an event to not only offer a time and place for the community to drop off their old stuff, but to also provide an educational opportunity and discuss best practices for storage, battery disposal, etc.

The event was a big hit within the community. It also proved to be a great way to bolster MacSpecialist’s brand awareness so we decided to do it every year up until I left the company in late 2010.

Team Responsibilities

Charitable recipients: Conservation Foundation of DuPage County and the National Resources Defense Council

  • Concept

  • Sponsorship tiers

  • Sponsorship sales

  • Vendor relations

  • Charitable causes

  • Staffing
  • Radio

  • Email marketing

  • Local news media

  • Press releases

  • Public relations

  • Media relations

  • MacSpecialist

  • Apple

  • Cannon

  • Q-101

  • Sweet Baby Ray’s

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