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Canine Peace of Mind & Peace of Mind Puppy brand development

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Promote lifestyle dog training and introduce the concept of pre-trained puppy sales

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Canine Peace of Mind & Peace of Mind Puppy

Scott Harris is a professional dog trainer based in Chicago’s western suburbs. He initially contacted Consonant Marketing because he needed a new website for his dog training business, but when we started diving into the details, I realized he was onto something special. 

Scott told us that he’d spent years mastering his style and training philosophy. He even trained with [Dog Whisperer] Cesar Millan. Before he started his own company, he worked for other trainers so he’s worked with a fair share of aggressive dogs. He explained that he received a ton of calls from dog owners seeking rehabilitation but wanted to find ways to prevent problems before the dogs reach that point.

Next, he brought up the idea of training puppies until they were beyond adolescence then making them available for purchase. He didn’t want them to be trained like police dogs, hunting dogs, service dogs or guard dogs. He wanted to offer a puppy that could immediately fit into the new owner’s lifestyle without behavioral issues. 

Because I’m a former owner of one of those demon dogs, I understood how valuable this could be to someone who loves dogs but doesn’t know how to train them and fell in love with the idea. I thought to myself, “this idea could save marriages!” And that was before I saw just how well his puppies are trained. Shortly after our fist meeting, Scott hired Consonant Marketing and we began building a brand.

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Canine Peace of Mind Brand Development

First, I thought to myself, “this man’s a professional and investing months of his time into raising a puppy for someone else meant that these dogs were not going to be cheap.” This meant that we were developing a luxury brand- that sold trained puppies.

I’m a big believer in authenticity and Scott is a really friendly guy so the brand identity and core message needed to be friendly with a touch of exclusivity.

Following a few brainstorming sessions, our teams decided to go with the name, “Canine Peace of Mind.” After that, everything just seemed to fall in place. We mocked up a logo that really fit the concept and scheduled a photo shoot in Nashville.

When Scott traveled down to Nashville for the photo shoot, he brought a couple of his puppies with him. I was absolutely blown away by them. I’ve never seen dogs this well-behaved. I’m telling you. You haven’t seen a good dog until you’ve met one of his puppies. Anyway, this gave me the idea to create puppy profiles on the website and the rest is pretty much history.

Over the years, Scott’s puppy raising business grew to the point where it made sense to separate his training business from the puppy raising business and treat them as sister companies. That being said, the his dog training business took the name, ‘Canine Peace of Mind’ and the puppy raising business became, ‘Peace of Mind Puppy.’

Both are consistently bringing joy to families and probably even saving a marriage every now and then.

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Core Responsibilities

My core responsibilities on Canine Peace of Mind and Peace of Mind Puppy brand development projects:

  • Core message
  • Core promise
  • Logo & brand identity
  • Ad messaging
  • Ad campaign design
  • Creative & brand consulting
  • Reputation management (online)
  • Pricing & package consulting
  • Web design
  • SEO strategy
  • SEO implementation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media brand identity
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting
  • PPC ad management
  • Team memeber acquisition
  • Project budgeting
  • Subcontractor negotiations
  • Project scopes & timelines
  • Client staff training
  • Regular strategy meetings
  • Digital asset / infrastructure managment

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