MIX Touring

Apple consulting and Mac support for the worldwide concert touring industry

Founder & Artist Liaison

VIP Apple sales, service and support for the world’s largest concert tours

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MIX Touring

MIX Touring was a mobile and remote Apple sales, support and consulting service for the live concert touring industry. 

MIX functioned as a specialized team of Apple consultants that worked both backstage at large concerts and remotely to provide VIP-tier service and support for touring artists and their crews. 

I launched the MIX service back in 2008 while I was still at MacSpecialist (check out our feature in Mobile Production Monthly for more info – full issue available here). It quickly gained popularity and shortly after it became MIX Touring in 2010, we developed a client list consisting mostly of top-grossing tours and a-list artists.

Artists & Tours Supported

Includes MIX division of MacSpeicalist and MIX Touring. Full list on bio page.

Roger Waters • Bon Jovi • Kid Rock • Dave Matthews Band • Kings of Leon • Justin Bieber • Usher • New Kids on The Block • Black Eyed Peas • Rihanna • Jay-Z and Kanye West • U2 • INTERPOL
Widespread Panic • Mötley Crüe • Daughtry • Tim McGraw • Korn • Disturbed • Kenny Chesney • Britney Spears • Pussycat Dolls • Trans Siberian Orchestra • Lady Gaga • Eagles

Services Performed

Although many of the projects that came through MIX were considered to be customized one-offs, we also performed quite a few standard IT functions. Here’s a list of commonly provided services:

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  • Mac tour support logistics (same-day and next day delivery of new, repaired or customized equipment to arenas, stadiums, venues, hotels, homes and even tour busses.)
  • Mac concierge services for artists
  • Apple product sales
  • Mac setup and software configurations
  • Apple hardware repair
  • RAM and HD upgrades
  • Lost data recovery
  • Custom rack mountable Mac hardware builds
  • Backup system deployment
  • Remote software support

I opted to discontinue the MIX service in 2013 when I was offered a full-time position on a project with one clients. That position laid the groundwork for what later became Consonant Music.

Core Responsibilities

My core responsibilities at MIX Touring

  • Logo design

  • Web design

  • Email marketing

  • SEO strategy
  • Industry event presence
  • Referral program
  • Core message

  • Core promise

  • Artist account managment

  • Tour placement negotiations with tour managers, production managers and promoters

  • Apple hardware sales at rehearsals and on various tour dates in select cities

  • Social media management

  • Web store development and ecommerce management

  • Negotiated an agreement with Apple for MIX's sales and service authorizations
  • Negotiated new vendor, partner and distribution agreements 
  • Developed tour services menu and price structure
  • Developed Echo (a mobile backup solution for tour managers)
  • Developed Flux (a personal branding package for touring professionals)

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