Consonant Music

Marketing and Artist Services agency in Nashville

Connect independent artists & labels with experienced music industry professionals

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Consonant Music

Consonant Music was founded to connect independent artists and labels with music industry professionals in order to bring major label quality to their projects.

In mid-2013, as project that convinced me to transition away from MIX Touring was nearing an end, I began to entertain the idea of starting a company that offered essential artist and label services to the independent Nashville market.

I discussed the idea with colleagues who’d worked as long-time producers, booking agents, publicists, songwriters and publishers. We tossed around the idea of developing a marketing collective of sorts.

A large portion of the music industry was made up of freelancers and I viewed a marketing collective as a great way for all of us to expand our reach and connect with people who needed our skills.

My colleagues liked the idea so I wrote up a business plan containing a partner program, a referral and commission structure and a marketing plan. Shortly after, Consonant Music was born.

Services Performed

Consonant Music performed the following services for independent artists, labels and agencies:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • E-commerce
  • Merch Design
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • One-off And Tour Booking
  • Tour Management
  • Event Production
  • Connecting Artists and Producers
  • Connecting Producers and Studios
  • Digital Distribution Deals
  • Management Consulting
  • Artist Education
  • Video Distribution
  • Public Relations
  • Radio Promotion
  • Press Kit Design

In 2017, Consonant Music became Consonant Marketing. You can learn about Consonant Marketing here.

Core Responsibilities

My core responsibilities, key projects and accomplishments at Consonant Music:

  • Company and client marketing plans

  • Logo design

  • Web design

  • Event planning

  • Event production

  • Event sponsorships

  • Public relations for artists and the company

  • Artist relations

  • Managed referral program

  • Attended industry events

  • Managed digital marketing

  • Social media management

  • Digital ad management
  • Record release strategies
  • Developed the business plan

  • Developed partner program

  • Developed commission structure

  • Negotiated digital distribution agreements

  • Negotiated royalty agreements

  • Negotiated vendor agreements

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