Generic vs. Authentic

Generic vs. Authentic

Generic: Honda
Authentic: Harley Davidson

Generic: Sonoma
Authentic: Levi

Generic: Ten High
Authentic: Maker’s Mark

Generic: A Purchase
Authentic: An Experience

Generic: Cheap
Authentic: Worth it

Generic: Zune
Authentic: iPod

Generic: Bill Gates
Authentic: Steve Jobs

Generic: Sharing a quote followed by “#motivation”
Authentic: Being the person they quoted

There’s nothing wrong with generic as long as you’re okay with competing with everybody else to offer the lowest price. If that’s not okay, authenticity matters. Specialization matters. Your story matters.

Why was Steve Jobs perceived as an innovator, while Bill Gates is perceived as knockoff and a nerd? Steve told a better story.

What’s your story?

What makes you different?

Is your work unmistakable?

Do your clients know?

I originally wrote this post for Consonant Marketing.

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