MacSpecialist Resume Details

Dustin Templeton MacSpecialist Resume

As Executive / Shareholder

Pre-purchase executive performance:

  • Retained TKC legal and accounting
  • Became 33% shareholder of TKC
  • Wrote business and marketing plans with financial projections for TKC
  • Obtained financing for TKC purchase of GEC assets
  • Negotiated asset-only purchase of original GEC d/b/a MacSpecialist
  • Established new lines of credit with vendors
  • Entered new partnership agreements with Apple
  • Negotiated leases and contracts with property managers, contractors, partners, distributors, vendors, sub-contractors, etc.

Post-purchase executive performance:

  • Increased company revenue by 64% in first 24 months
  • Increased company profitability year over year
  • Developed recurring services revenue streams
  • Oversaw physical expansion from 1 to 4 locations
  • Functioned as director of sales, marketing and purchasing divisions
  • Received numerous national channel recognition from Apple for exceeding sales goals and service standards
  • Sold TKC shares in 2011

As Director of Marketing

Brand Development

  • Developed brand identity
  • Developed core messaging
  • Determined core values

Digital Marketing Initiatives

  • Email marketing campaign development – grew list to 20,000+ subscribers with double-digit open rate
  • Social media marketing

Traditional Marketing Initiatives

  • Seminars
  • Special Events
  • Developed & managed advertising campaigns for radio and industry-specific print publications

PR Job Functions

  • Performed interviews with local and industry-specific national media
  • Secured numerous 5-figure sponsorships for seminars and special events.
  • Press release concept, copywriting, and distribution

As Director of Sales


  • Recruited and trained sales managers and GM
  • Implemented Friedman Group Store Management system
  • Defined departmental and individual sales goals and quotas
  • Led departmental and company-wide meetings


  • Recruited and trained inside and outside sales team
  • Set departmental and individual sales goals quotas
  • Developed and implemented department-specific sales training program
  • Set departmental KPIs
  • Developed customer service processes for retail and b2b sales teams

Finance / Operations

  • Managed migration from paper-based accounting to software-based system
  • Provided AccountEdge training for relevant staff
  • Managed migration from FileMaker inventory and invoicing database to Lightspeed POS
  • Provided LightSpeed training for management team
  • Developed process for accounting data export / import

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